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Olympics, Korea and Adoption…some thoughts on an Evolved Worldview

Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched the Korean Children’s Choir sing their National Anthem. The fact that the North and South joined together to compete is unreal. It was just a short ten years ago that I was indifferent to Asians as a whole. The adoption of our first grandchild changed all that.


Loving little Spencer Daniel Sang-Jin Klein broadened my worldview. That love has extended to all Asians and as I look, really look, I see people and individual cultures now. I can pretty easily distinguish between Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

That might not seem important, however at a business dinner this week in Phoenix it was important to the lovely woman I met. I asked her if she was Korean and she, surprised with delight, replied, “Well yes!”. She has lived in America for the past 40 years.

She has married and melded into the American culture yet still reads and writes Korean. I proudly showed her a recent picture of our grandson Spencer. I told her we were a Christian family and how Spencer told me, “I believe in Jesus… Grammie, but I believe in the spirit of the White Tiger too!”.  She and I laughed together.


Spencer’s parents have done a remarkable job of encouraging him to be proud of his Korean heritage and rightfully so. As I watched the opening ceremonies tonight I am proud to be connected to Korea through the miracle of adoption. I cheer now at the opening ceremonies not only for my homeland the USA,  but also for Romania, Korea, and many other countries.


Observe Korea’s miracle, please don’t take it for granted. Rejoice with them tonight as the North and South unite to compete. If you are a person of prayer, pray for the healing of this country.

There is such beauty in God’s creation and His unique design of people if you choose to look for it. I’m thankful that watching the winter Olympics give us an opportunity to do just that….to look and see.