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Thoughts on turning 65…

My husband told me this was a big birthday.  It does have special meaning to me as my daddy only lived until this age of 65. He passed 39 years ago so I didn’t have a clue as to the sense of loss he must have had.  I know I will cherish every day I have in the future and not take it for granted.

I remember him telling me (prior to lung cancer from those damnable cigarettes) that he just wanted to live long enough that his grandchildren would remember him. Out of nine grandchildren, only Aaron had time with him. He remembers his grandpa giving him a stick of “Big Red” gum when in the car with him. Aaron turned 4 the month before he passed.

So, being in my last third of a lifespan is the challenge to live differently, which actually has come easily. Things that seemed to matter so much years ago don’t matter anymore.

I don’t care when my husband forgets to close his closet door, instead I’m grateful to still have a husband. I make a concerted effort to love my neighbors now – when before they were down on the totem pole of my priorities. When a grandchild breaks something I smile and we throw it in the trash. I think to myself- that doesn’t matter in light of eternity.

Maybe that’s why grandchildren adore their grandparents. I am much more grace filled with the grandchildren than I was with our children. I know now, at the ripe old age of 65, that it’s more important that they know they are loved rather than they obey. Obedience is important but not the most important. Because LOVE is eternal. It’s the one thing that I leave behind and also take with me. ♥️

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