Are you a Strong Woman?

In Munich on my layover traveling home from Moldova, I was honored to find this Facebook post by my daughter Marie:

“she is one of the reasons I am a strong Christian woman today. love you, mama. miss you already. ♥”

Marie & me 2013

Still jet-lagged from 20 hours of traveling my mind swirls with thoughts, “How can that be true when I feel so weak?” I realize that my feelings aren’t reality. I am also a strong woman.

I have been blessed with three daughters; Marie, Sarah and Isadora.

Did I really raise them to be strong women? I hope so now. There was a time when I thought that would not be a positive trait.

I have had the privilege to come along side some women who have been told that being a strong woman is a terrible, sinful thing. There is nothing new with that lie.

So my mind swirls with thoughts and I want to define the term. I safe-search Google images for a strong woman image for this post….can you guess what I find?

Large breasts, more breasts…hmmm that really struck a nerve after just watching the award winning documentary “Nefarious – Merchant of Souls”.

Take two minutes to watch the preview link. This is about the enslavement of women, even right here in the states, not just across the world. Sweden has come up with a solution that is working. It’s amazing.

These enslaved women featured in this film didn’t know they could be strong.

These are women that have been emotionally and physically used by selfish men.

These are women not too different than the women I have come along side of.

They too have been used by selfish men and told for years by the church that it is wrong to be strong. I would like to say that is a LIE.


Out of hundreds of Google images, I finally found one that is Biblical:

strong woman

This is from Proverbs 31. How can she laugh without fear of the future?

It’s because she is clothed in strength and dignity. She knows who she is.

So I challenge you- Do you really know who you are?

Please take 3 minutes and watch this video:

Who you are: A Message to All Women

And ask yourself, “Do I really believe this?”

It is true simply because of JESUS.

Here is the link:

Stand with God and His truth. Be like the midwives in Egypt.

Read about these awesome women here:

Be strong and glorify God with your strength!