Update in Romania #3

2014-09-14 05.00.41 compressed

“Boppie, Boppie tickle my tummy!” So far, reconnecting with the granddaughters has been the highlight of our time….especially with Mercy as she was so little when she left last January. She absolutely is a fire-cracker, full of passion! She likes things tidy and matching. It’s so fun to see their personalities at a young age. I love watching Danny enjoy them. Here is a picture of Mercy’s help with the clothesline on the balcony where you have to be concerned with your underclothing being swept out on your hands and landing on the head of a stranger coming out of the grocery store 19 floors below.

Mercy helping grammie2014-09-12 11.42.52 compressed

I can’t believe another week has passed. The time is flying by. We’ve been used in different ways. I was able to alter Addy’s school uniform SKIRT into a jumper (since it was huge, though the smallest size) and also take some tucks in her blouse and vest. It was great to be helpful and fun to recreate something using buttons and ribbon.

This past week we received the exciting news from Aaron & Cacey that we are expecting a new addition to the family this coming fall. WooHoo #5! You can read about our 2nd grandson coming from Ethiopia here at Aaron’s blog-

A Momentous Decision

Last night Danny & I ventured out on a date night and laughed ourselves silly as we were talking so much we couldn’t remember the metro ever stopping. Needless to say we had to get off and then walk across the platform and wait for a train and go back one stop to get to where we were heading.

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It’s easy being here. There is lots of grace. I now am confident that this is where we were supposed to be recovering from the accident. When we came, we came in faith, confused and physically hurting. Danny always says hindsight is 20/20. The interesting twist is that after we got here I realized that Danny had not gotten proper treatment in the states. In the US he was seen right away by a physician’s assistant in training and they did not do full back x-rays. Our improvement has been slow and steady, but his back and shoulder were such that we sought medical care here. There is socialized medicine for residents, and private care for others. The care has been excellent and we will see the doctor on Wednesday for all the test results.

preist blessing school

Today was Addy’s first day of big school – they start at what we would consider grade 1.                Our kindergarten level is part of their preschool. It was very interesting as the Orthodox priest was there at the opening ceremonies blessing their public education, incense and sprinkling water. Also every child brings the their new teacher flowers or a plant!

Mercy started her first day of preschool WITHOUT Addy and that was a big day! Grammie even wore a DRESS for the occasion.

Addy first day of school Mercy first day of school

It is really noisy here. We live on the corner of an intersection. Yesterday there was a major collision…but regardless there is constant traffic noise all day long, plenty of honking. When the traffic quiets at night then the zillion trillion dogs (OKAY maybe I am exaggerating) that bark constantly and the gypsy music starts. The music is not soothing to me at all, rather a frenzy type beat. Considering I am completely deaf in one ear I am surprised at how much I miss the quiet country. This picture is looking down from our bedroom balcony.


However, we are privileged to be here and support our kids here. We are proud of them and the sacrifice they’ve made. If we can make their load a little lighter for just a little while then we will feel like we’ve accomplished something here in Romania. Their task seems huge and our bit seems small so I will end with this new favorite quote-

“I am only one, but I am one. I can’t do everything, but I can do something.

The something I ought to do, I can do. And by the grace of God, I will.”

-Edward Everett Hale