Update in Romania #4 – Happy Birthday Bucharest!

The city of almost 2 million have been celebrating that it’s been 555 years since Bucharest was first mentioned in documents. On Saturday many of the local churches gathered in a park and made a cooperative effort at combining the celebration with an outreach carnival. There was face painting and games and puppet shows – it was all very fun. Our Addy was quite the hulahooper and Pops did a great job of catching these photos!

 Addy & hulahoop 2  Addy & hulahoop

Since the country is moving away from the orphanage system they have tried to place most of the healthy children in small groups with a caregiver (Doamna) that live in an apartment. In our sector of the city, Anchor of Hope Ministry (that Marie and Christian work with) have three apartments they are sponsering. Marie and Christian left the girls with us to join them at the park later while they picked up 5 children (ages 2.5, 4, 5, 5, 6) from an apartment to enjoy the carnival festivities. Their Doamna decided to come along!

Mercy and Mama 9-20-14   Addy 555 celebration 9-20-14

When Danny, the girls and I arrived, the first person I saw was Florin Soare! He, of course, was the official event photographer. Avery had stayed home with their new baby. It truly is a “Small World”. Most of the workers wore T-shirts with 555 on them that translated “Love Bucharest, Love your Neighbor” and they had pamphlets that were handed out. It was encouraging to see the local believers from different churches working together.

 Marie and Ionut and adi   Christian & Danny 9-20-14

We ended with treating the children to McDonald’s which was a big hit for everyone. Of course with seven children we have ice cream dripping everywhere and Christian says to Marie (who is the most fluent in Romanian) – “How do you say melting???? Their ice cream is melting!” Pops trying to help says (loudly) “MMEELLTTIINNGG…..”

Mercy and Ana 9-20-14   Addy & Cristina

This last Thursday I had the privilege of going to the baby hospital with two other workers from Anchor of Hope. It was really a long walk getting there and lots of physical work but well worth it. With travel time I was gone probably six hours.

One room held four babies all under two months. The youngest was a beautiful boy only two weeks old and absolutely perfect and healthy at this time. Another little guy had such trouble taking the bottle, very gassy and spitting up…most likely allergic to milk or has GERD. He made some good eye contact even though he’s only one month old!

There is a tiny part Asian girl only a month old who obviously has some sort of genetic condition. As I worked with her I was 95% sure she couldn’t focus or see. Later I realized her eyelashes were inverted and looking online it says that the condition can scratch and damage the cornea. She had a weak cry that sounded like a kitten, but she did eat well.

Last we had a very big guy only 2 months old without even a name. He was so huge we lovingly called him Gandalf. He responded well to the infant massage and gave me some wonderful smiles. However later when it came to the 2nd feeding, his bottle arrived last, so it was propped by the caregiver. All the volunteers hands were full with feeding the smaller ones whose bottles had already come. He was inconsolable after so much attention and refused to take his bottle.

As I held each child and fed them I would pray over them quietly and talk with them, make eye contact with them, stroke their faces and massage them with lotion. The other room held five other babies all around 6-9 months, two severely disabled. I am hoping to be able to go every Tuesday and will share more next week on these other babies.

While I was at the baby hospital, Christian took Danny across the city to a larger medical facility to have a CT scan. We go again to the doctor Monday morning and will request a MRI. We have been in contact with a doctor in the states, but to be honest, the care here has been excellent!

I believe they have caught a significant injury that some other medical staff in the states overlooked. We are having his films looked at by both US and Romanian doctors. The Lord has truly been good in His protection of us….had we never come here I think this would have remained undiscovered with the course of treatment he was taking.

We have enjoyed each moment here and it’s hard to believe that half of our trip is already past. I have been trying to memorize some scripture again. Several times a day when I see a bird- I try to quote and remember Matthew 6-

“Look at the birds, free and unfettered, not tied down to a job description,

care-free in the care of God. And you count far more to him than birds!”